RAY is a Christian based, youth led organization incorporated as a non-profit making body with a mandate of promoting the physical and spiritual growth of children and youth through discipleship training, parenting and child protection, and capacity building training in different life’s aspect.


Rekindling the dimming hope in every young person.


People making most of their God’s given potentials for community transformation.

Why we exist?

Children and youth cannot truly experience life in its fullness unless there is a star to point them to Jesus Christ who will help in unlocking their buried potentials.

The people around us are living in a sticky loop of poverty and with a very truncated level of education; their situations has often made them to feel that there’s no more to life than the one they are leading now and yet in them there is an unexploited latent talent.

Life can never be full if youth and children are not being nurtured in a caring community with loving families guided by biblical principles. Even in doing so, in many communities resources are so limited that people are unable to support youth and children’s spiritual and physical growth effectively and perpetuate an interest in entrepreneurship amongst them. RAY looks at Children & youth-focused activities to help bridge this gap.