At RAY we believe that anyone can transform their society if only they can be connected to their potentials and that is why we have been implementing awareness activities targeting adolescents and young people in and out of schools.

We also carry other vocational skills training and entrepreneurship skills delivered by our experienced team members and other allied training centers aimed at empowering young people economically in a collective effort to eradicate poverty and transform the society where they live.

In pursuing our objectives, our hearts carry the burden of;

  • Counseling and guiding young people through organized sports, music dance and drama events
  • Conducting community workshops which help families to realize the importance of child development and support them in their future planning skills.
  • Carrying out home visits and having meetings with parents/families concerning young people in the less formal way possible.
  • Advocacy through Net-working services with other Non-governmental organizations, sub county administration, church leaders and institutions of learning
  • Organizing youth and children camps to help the young people explore God’s purpose for their life and their role as leaders and mentors in their community.