Parenthood is a developmental journey all on its own. In fact, it’s one of the toughest growth periods we go through. Our kids push us like no other person can. We grow and learn right alongside them. We need tools, prompts, reminders, and inspiration to help us grow. Parents have to train their children in the right way through deploying positive disciplining measures while knowing that they also have rights and needs to grow and discover their potentials.

This program is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with children in their work or voluntary activity, and provides learners with a thorough understanding of how to recognize child abuse, the forms of abuse, child development, responding to disclosure, acting on concerns, and reporting abuse.

At RAY we carry training with parents and care givers to provide a safe and caring environment that fosters their children’s spiritual and physical growth through training based on biblical models of forgiveness, work, raising children, and love for the community where they live and the nation at large.